What is HovedHuset?


The HovedHuset opened in February 2006 and is a specialised offer for people in the working age suffering brain injuries. The HovedHuset is directed to newly brain injured people, who recently have finished their rehabilitation, as well as it is directed towards people, who have been living with their brain injury for many years. 


The HovedHuset works as an equal working community, where the members of the house along side the employees are taking care of the tasks connected to the daily operation. The activities are concentrated towards work and have a prospective employment-related perspective.


The HovedHuset is based on the clubhousemodel. The clubhousemodel is built on equality, participation and voluntariness and is focused on strength and resources. These values as well as the individual approach and focus on the whole person has shown to be a succesful rehabilitation of brain injured people.